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Inspiring and MotivatingApril 26, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
The author, Frank Mungeam, delivers a unique and inspiring book here that is truly motivating. Substantive and fun in equal measure, the book deftly zooms between narrative and insightful “take-away” with charm, wit and ease. Fast-paced, fresh and encouraging, this helpful step-by-step guide to achievement presents solid material with confidence and conviction.

The author includes chapter-ending “homework” and note-taking sections that help illustrate and amplify key points. These breaks gently stir the reader to engage with the writing at an even deeper level.

This book is highly recommended to anyone thinking about their goals, life direction and positive change.

Honest & Insightful — A Great ResourceApril 26, 2012

By Anna
Format:Kindle Edition
Get ready to flush your excuses down the toilet! Filled with inspiring real-world examples and practical steps, Dream It, Do It is an excellent book and a fun resource for anyone who needs a push toward fulfilling a dream or completing a project. Does starting your own business or [insert dream here] seem out of reach? Whatever it is you aim to do, and no matter how daunting your goal may seem, Mungeam reminds us that it might not be easy, but chances are our dreams ARE within our reach if we are willing to approach them systematically and put in the required work. Here’s a guide that can help you a) identify your passion, b) determine whether you’re ready to pursue your dream ,and if so, c) break down the concrete steps that will set you on your course. Reading this book demands you to be honest with yourself, and frankly I can’t think of a better starting point. Then it walks you through a blueprint for achieving your goal.
Invaluable AdviceApril 25, 2012

Format:Kindle Edition
Frank Mungeam has written a comprehensive and concise guide to making dreams a reality.

The book begins with the quote “In just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday.”– Anonymous. The next line reads “Have you ever noticed how some people always talk about what they’re going to do “someday”?

Mungeam dares us to dream and gives us examples of others who have done so successfully. It includes challenging exercises at the end of every chapter that can be quite eye-opening.

The chapters are:

Chapter 1 Dare to Dream
Chapter 2 Pursue Your Passion
Chapter 3 Face Your Fears
Chapter 4 Divide to Conquer
Chapter 5 Schedule Your Dreams
Chapter 6 Expect Setbacks
Chapter 7 Seek Coaching
Chapter 8 Be Persistent

If you don’t realize your dreams in life, for whatever reason, it won’t be because you didn’t get good advice from this book. After reading, you will at the very least know a whole lot more about yourself. I think that’s a good thing. That’s why I highly recommend “Dream It, Do It” not only to those seeking new careers or big changes or goals in life, but also for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of themselves. For the latter reason alone, I don’t know one person who couldn’t benefit this book.


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