Frank Mungeam has a degree in Psychology from Harvard University and a Masters Degree in Communication and Leadership Studies from Gonzaga University.

A broadcast journalist for more than two decades, Mungeam wrote the fatherhood book A Guys Guide to Pregnancy shortly after the birth of his son. Based on his experiences meeting and interviewing high achievers from every field from sports to business to the arts, Mungeam developed a popular keynote address called “Dream It, Do It,” which he’s delivered at local and national conferences to up to a thousand people at a time.

He has applied these lessons as a trainer in professional development, as a media coach for authors and professional experts, and in his own life. Mungeam has run the Boston Marathon, climbed to the summit of the tallest volcano in the ‘lower 48,’ Mt. Rainier, and authored two books.

“Dream It, Do It” shares the inspiring stories of successful athletes, artists, entreprenuers and writers, and how they pursued their passions to reach their goals. Their success offers a roadmap for anyone looking to achieve lofty goals.


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