Lessons on Success from the Sushi King

In his book Dream It, Do It, Frank Mungeam profiles high achievers and the path they followed to reach their dreams.

A Tokyo subway station might not be the first place you’d look for lessons in success. But a sushi restaurant with only ten seats is home to 85-year-old Jiro, considered the finest sushi chef in the world.

Customers must reserve a month in advance for a meal that can be as brief as only 15 minutes. Customers who want drinks or appetizers have come to the wrong place. Jiro serves sushi and only sushi. And that is his secret.

For 75 years, Jiro has passionately pursued one thing: making better sushi. His two sons apprenticed for him and one now has his own sushi bar. Jiro’s eldest son, now 50, works for his father in the Tokyo sushi bar. At 85, you might think Jiro would be ready to retire. Instead, he still looks forward to going to work each day, each day trying to improve his skills just a little bit, to make sushi just a little bit better. Jiro has relentlessly pursued his passion, and that passion to improve keeps him going every day, even at age 85. That is his secret to success.

The remarkable documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, is now playing in select theaters across the U.S.

The book Dream It, Do It profiles highly successful people and the steps they followed to make their dreams come true. Read a sample chapter on Amazon.com.


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