Dare to Dream Today!

Whether you aspire to start your own business, run a marathon, write a book, change careers, or reach a weight-loss goal, the steps and stories in Dream It, Do It provide the roadmap for setting and achieving lofty goals.

Dream It, Do It by Frank Mungeam shares the stories of dozens of high achievers, from best-selling authors to multi-millionaire investors, from famous entertainers to highly-regarded statesmen, from innovative inventors to Olympic gold medalists.

Dream It, Do It follows these high achievers from the first flicker of an idea to the ultimate moment when they accomplished their lofty goals. The journey they traveled offers a road map for success that all of us can follow. From their stories, eight principles emerge that these dreamers followed to make their dreams come true, principles we can all use in our own lives.

Each of the eight chapters in Dream It, Do It details one of these principles. At the end of each chapter are a series of exercises to personally apply the principles.

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Author, DREAM IT, DO IT! The Roadmap to Pursuing Your Passion and Living Your Dreams. https://dare2dreamtoday.wordpress.com/
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